January 2020

How We Got Started

I launched BEIHAUS.com with my sisters at the beginning of the pandemic to sell our clothes to friends and acquaintances and channel the proceeds to COVID Relief. Having witnessed the devastating impact the disease had on our family, motivating us to take action to support others facing similar challenges.

April 2021

How We Pivoted

During a worldwide health crisis and supply chain disruptions, we saw an opportunity to bring people together through fashion. As the world shifted to working from home, we focused on creating comfy loungewear that didn't sacrifice style. Our unique designs are a playful and cozy way to stay connected with each other. 

November 2021

Finding Our Purpose

We committed ourselves to creating clothes that make people of all skin tones, sizes, and shapes feel beautiful. Our in-house designers work everyday to choose designs and fabrics that accentuate all body shapes. Our designs are made to rid you of the headache when it comes to online shopping. Flexible fabric and sizing fits you comfortably, even if you are between sizes.

February 2024

Our First Trade Show

We attended our first tradeshow in Las Vegas, engaging with industry buyers. This event offered a chance to gather customer feedback for improving our materials and designs. We are working on bringing BEIHAUS to more stores near you.



We have developed close, long-term working relationships with manufacturing facilities in our supply chain. Our team works to ensure those producing our garments are compensated fairly, treated respectfully, and are adhering to the highest production standards.


We have implemented initiatives to reinvest capital into manufacturing facilities in downtown Los Angeles and Shanghai, in order to maintain and advance the treatment, compensation, and skill development of factory workers. 


We encourage everyone to have conversations about fast fashion and its damage to our planet. To us, sustainability means not only minimizing energy usage and waste wherever possible throughout the process of production, but also designing high-quality, classic pieces that will live in your closet for a long time.


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